Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well that was a first

Today I had my first every brazillian wax. And yes, I will be going back for more. I'm in love, to say the least :)

I thought it was going to be SUPER akward, I went in overly nervous yet super anxious. My esthitician was great though. She talked to me like we had been best friends for years and that everything was normal. She even told me that she gets her rear waxed all the time, little did I know that I would be getting mine waxed shortly too! ha Overall it was a great experiance and I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. B-Pics are Saturday and although I doubt I'll go entirely nude I wanted to be prepared just incase!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

150 Days!

Only 5 more months to go! Woot Woot!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Closerrr

Since we received our income taxes back last week I decided I should finish paying off the honeymoon. I sent payments to both ladies for the condos we'll be staying in so we officially have a place to stay the whole time we're there.

We're renting two condos, one in town for the first five days and then one out of town the last five days. The first lady called to tell me that they lowered the rates by $25 per night so I get a credit and then the second lady called to tell me that if we wanted to stay one extra night for free then we could! Luckily I picked these awesome condos.

I also set aside the money for the plane tickets. Right now they're going for $600 per person but I'm hoping to get them for $500 so I plan on waiting just a little bit longer. Its getting so close, get excited!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Last Vendor = Booked

Some of you may remember my last post about finding a florist. We 'interviewed' five and of those it was sooo easy to choose just one. Two of the five still have not responded with their quote. One of them was a crazy lady who I didn't plan on using anyways so thats okay but the other one was a possibility. I called to see if they had my quote done yet and I was told that the lady I spoke to (who also owned the place) had sold the business. The new owner was supposed to call me within 1-2 weeks with my quote, they still haven't. Needless to say we wont be using them. We also got a quote from CRosiez, but I didn't really care for her and her prices were way to high.

That narrowed it down to two, Girtons and Virg Anne's. Both shops were wonderful and the ladies I met with at each actually owned the place and did the wedding flowers which was a plus. In the end it came down to cost. Girtons was cheaper, although not by much, and they were closer to my venue (I dont want my flowers to dye!) so we're going with them!

My mother in law sent the deposit in and I received an email from then on Tuesday saying they had received it so we're officially booked. This was our last vendor to choose so now we've got everything we'll need for the big day. (I'm thinking I may want a videographer though, but haven't brought that up to my poppa yet so we'll see, If we do then I guess we'll have one more to book).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Outfit #1

I've been putting some thought in what I want to wear for my B-Pics. My photographer said I could pick 3-4 so I'm trying to think of some creative ideas that relate to who I am. I've been trying to cook lately especially home made things like bread, bisquits and cakes. Becuase of this I've decided my first outfit will include an apron! I have done TONS of searching online, I have probably looked at about 100 if not more aprons and have finally chosen one.

I ordered it from Bed Bath and Beyone for $30 including shipping. I dont necessarily like how there's cherry's on it, but I love the shape of the bottom and how there is two pockets on the front. A lot of the ones I found only had one pocket, or if they did have too they just weren't that sexy shape.

And what will I be wearing underneath? Well..a bra and pair of panties of course! I was going to do red but I dont have red and really didn't want to spend anymore money so I'm thinking I'll just wear black. I was thinking I could also wear a pair of stalkings with it, but I think I'll save those for another outfit. This one will just be simple and cute.

I love the fact that it hides my tummy though, I'm nervous about showing that off. I'm getting sooo excited!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boudoir Pictures...

are scheduled for next Saturday, the 28th at 9:00 am. I am sooo excited! Now I just have to start choosing outfits.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cake Topper

Now that I've received my income taxes back I feel like I'm in full wedding planning mode. I have ordered tons of things and can't wait for them all to get here. Two things I ordered recently and received were cake toppers. I coudn't decide between the two so I just had to order both. Now that they're here I still dont know. These are my choices.

I like both of them for different reasons. The first one I love because they look more like us-hair color wise, ha and I love the dress the woman has on. Jerry thinks they slightly look like they're chinese though which is the bad thing.

This second one I like because she's pinching his butt and thats sooo us. BUT I feel like they look sort of distorted since they're so tall and skinny.

We'll probably end up going with the first one. I can't wait to see how it looks on the cake!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am now the proud owner of...

Spanx power panties and higher power panties! Christine, my seamstress, recommended I buy a pair so my legs don't sweat during the wedding. I went into Nordstroms to pick some up but what do you know, they were out of both in my size so they had to mail them to me. I wish I would have seen them in the store because I dont know if I would have bought the higher ones. They have a seam down the front so if I do want to wear them with anything I think it would be highly noticeable. They're returnable though so I may be sending them back.
I also got to thinking, since I'll now have a corset back with possiby no privacy panel that I may not be able to wear even the regular height panties since they go up to almost your bellybutton! I'm going to keep them either way, but we'll see at my next fitting if you can tell I'm wearing them or not.

Monday, February 9, 2009

More dresses!

My grandmother went shopping last weekend and picked up these dresses for my cousins to wear at the wedding. They're twins and both will be holding baskets of bubbles at the ceremony so they'll also be wearing the same dress. Gramms went for green, good choice because I needed to incorporate this color in more! My younger brother who is the same age as the twins will be standing with them passing out programs, but he'll be in a tux. They're going to look so good together!

Friday, February 6, 2009

1st Fitting with lots of changes!

I went for my first dress fitting yesterday! I met with Cathrine Hoyt of CH Studios. She was a very nice seamstress that works from her home down in Denver. I first met with this woman from The Wedding Seamstress down in Arvada but athough her price was better she just wasn't the girl for me.

Here is a picture of me in the dress back in November. They didn't have a 6 in at this store so I had to try on the 4 so you can see its a little tight/weird fitting. Either way though you can see I have absolutely no chest :( So the first thing that will go into the dress are bra cups. We put one pair in and it still looked bad, so she tried a second...ha and it still didn't look as good as it should so she recommended I buy those plastic sticy boobs to stick right underneath my real ones to push them up! I'm sooo helpless. Bra cups $20.

I'll also be getting the sides taken in a half inch on each one. I cant fit in the 4 but a 6 is too big..figures. Sides are $55.00

The dress also comes with straps which I have to have removed at $15.00.

One of the good things is that I dont need a hem. Which leads to a bad thing..I had wanted to get these shoes with 4" heels, and I was sooo tempted to buy them yesterday for the fitting. Good thing I waited because if I wear that high of a heal my dress will be too short. I put a pair of 3" heals on with the dress at the fitting yesterday and the dress didn't even touch the ground in the front. It wasn't super noticable but any higher and you'd see a whole gap under my dress ha, not cool. Which sucks because now I have to find another pair of shoes :(

Here is the back of the dress. I love it, but I'm going to love my new corset back even more! As of right now I'm going to go bare back with no privacy panel, but I'll see how it looks at my next fitting and decide if I need one (it might look to scandalous and I dont want to look like a ho at my wedding..ha). The best part-a whole new back to a dress for only $100.00

The last thing my dress needs is a bustle! I've decided to go with a three point under bustle. It begins just right below the beading on the back going and looks gorgous, I can't wait to take a picture of it! 3 point bustle-$30.00

For a total of $220. My next fitting is April 6th. Woot woot, can't wait!