Monday, August 25, 2008

11 Months and Day 1

11 months to go before the wedding is here! Yay! Haven't had any wedding related updates really-still waiting for the toasting flutes and cake serving set to arrive-they haven't even shipped yet :( I'm working on getting our wedding web page all set up so when thats done I'll be able to send out the STD's..which are designed but none are printed yet.

Also 1st day of school today. This is my third year so I should be a junior-but since I messed around and dropped half of my classes, technically I'm considered a sophmore credit wise. This sucks, I have to go to summer school next year in order to graduate in time...ha YEAH like I'll be able to do that when its the summer of my wedding. I messed up big time there. Besides having to get up super early everything went well-I'm at work now I'm done in 45 minutes...I'm so ready to go home 10:00 can not come soon enough.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I think I can, I think I can

I haven't written about my weight loss in quite sometime. I actually quit the whole WW thing, I just can't stick to diets very well, although I do believe it worked while I was sticking to it. I dont know how I did it but I'm down to 142.6 which is crazy! When I started WW in May I was 155 pounds..I feel good. Only a couple more and I'll be in the 130's!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Toasting Flutes and Cake Serving Set

I ordered a set of toasting flutes and a cake serving set off theknot this morning. I had picked out two of each that I liked but decided to go with the ones I wasn't sure about first..I figure if I get them and I dont like them I can return them for the other ones which I know I'll like.

These are the ones I ordered. I can't really tell how they'll look from the pictures so we'll just have to see. They're from the Lenox Opal Innocence collection which is why I got them, I want them to match the unity candle we ordered from this collection.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Very Stressed

Things have been so stressful lately, last Monday Jerry got in a fender bender literally ten feet outside of our driveway. The number one problem-He was driving wtihout a license (he lost it years ago to a DUI) and the neighbor kid that he hit called the police. So Jerry left the scene of the accident because he was freaked they'd take him to jail for six months, so he ended up hiding out away from the cops cops all Monday and Tuesday because we didn't know what to do. The cop just ended up giving me a ticket to give him and told him to go to court to figure out his sentence. We talked to a lawyer on Friday morniing, he said to plan on about 30 days in jail. Oh great-What am I going to do for thirty days without him!?

Now we have to sell our house-we live to far out of the city-only about 10 miles to his job-but now he's really not driving anywhere and I work in the opposite directions as him so taking him to work isn't an option. Therefore we'll be moving so he can bike ride to work. Then we'll have to sell his truck-no sence keeping it if no one will be driving it. Too bad its PAID off in November. We also decided to sell my Jeep. Its really great and everything but very expensive. I could do with less. So many things to take care of..and we start school in two weeks. Not good. I just want to relax.

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Layout

I've been wanting to change my header for quite some time now. I've been trying different layouts and stuff out for a couple of days and had one up for a little while but took it down, it was very similar to the one now-but I felt something was wrong with it. I messed around with the size and pictures and ended up loving the header..but then the blog looked dreary with it, so of course I had to spice it up to! I'm debating if I want to keep changing it around every so often, every couple of months or so. It'd be a nice little change but I kind of want it to remain the same for memories..ha Either way, I'm very happy with my new layout!

Just incase I end up changing my header someday-The 1st Header-ha

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finally-The Good E-Pics

So my photog mailed out a new high res cd with all my e-pics on it and I got it like Tuesday or so. I have been sooo busy though that I've just had a chance now to put them on my computer. They are so much better, thank god! Heres just a couple of my favorites.

I've been playing around and trying to make a new header for my blog with some of these pictures but haven't been able to make anything I like yet. I sort of want something that resembles my STD but it just looks funny everytime I try something. Good thing I have tomorrow off..lots of time to mess around!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cake for RD?

After looking on theknot for numerous hours this morning I came across a picture of a couple of cakes. I really want to make these for the rehearsal dinner. They look relatively simple, a couple sized small circle pans for the bride and a couple sized small square pans for the groom just stacked on top of each other then frosted. This would be a good way to save money too-this way we dont have to buy everyone individual deserts. I'm so excited to try this-I think I'll make a mock up closer to the date-I'll post and let you know how they turn out.

Friday, August 1, 2008

STD Magnet Mock Up

Since I have the e-pictures atleast I figured I should try to nail down how I want my STD's. I have been playing around for about a month or so now with my Save the dates. I had atleast 4 different designs I made on my own that I liked...but none of them were great. Then I found a design I liked online but it wasn't the colors I wanted so another knottie made me one that kind of looked like it. Once she gave it to me I saw how she made it and was totally shocked at how easy it was! I was able to take that design and make something thats exactly what I wanted. After about fifteen different tries I finally came up with this one and I'm very pleased with it, minus how blurry it is, which WILL be fixed. :)

This is just what the magnet will look like, I'll be printing it out on photo paper and sticking it to magnets I bought from Oriental Trading. I will then attatch the magnet onto a piece of 5x7 cardstock which I have already purchased. I'm just waiting for my wedding website to be complete so I can add it to the magnet and get them printed! So cute huh!?

Once I have the entire thing together I'll post final pictures!

P*ssed Off

So I got the cd of our engagement photos back from photographer yesterday. I was sooo excited..I pop it in..ANDDD....they're blurry..not to bad, but still not clear like they should be for the price. SO I post on the knot asking the girls if theres something wrong with them or my computer that I should fix. Well Cristin over there had me send her one so she could see it and there were TWO things wrong with my pictures. FIRST, they're in low resolution, not high, which the photographer did on purpose. SECOND, she thinks the photog didn't focus her camera properly because they were at 30 MB. She said I could get high res pictures from the photog but nothing can be done about the focus. I'm emailing my photog tonight asking about the focus and for a new cd.

The even shittier part..she normally charges $300 for Boudoir pictures and she was only making me pay $150. That was going to be a huge discount, now I dont know if I want to use her again.

Once I get my high resolution pictures then I'll post some.