Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Condo #2 booked!

We've officially booked the second condo. This is actually the 1st one we'll be staying in-we arrive July 28th and stay for 5 nights then off to the next one for 4 more. I am sooo excited. Now that we've booked this its so real.

Although this is only a studio it seams really nice and its right in Lahaina, and on the only complex in the town thats beachfront. The best part is its only $200 per night. I wanted to feel some luxery without going broke, I think I've accomplished it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Honeymoon Registry

The honeymoon registry is up and running! I made our registry through Just Together. Theres 18 gifts on there totalling about $3300. I dont expect everyone to buy everything-but they have options. Gifts range from $25-$140 and most are actual activities/entertainment. I only added a couple of dining options and didn't add the airfare of condo rental to it at all. I figured if its our honeymoon we should have to pay to get there and stay ourselves, not rely on guests to do that as well so they'll just be buying us excursions.

I chose Just Together for a couple of reasons though
1-You could pick your own url-I wanted it to match our wedding website url so guests wouldn't be confused so this was ideal for us!
2-You could add your own gifts-customizing prices, pictures, everything=Perfect
3-Its only a 6% fee to use and they don't add this onto the gifts-that way the guests don't have to pay it-they'll just take it out of the total in the end-although that sucks for us but oh well-we're not greedy.

The only thing I didn't like about the site was you could only have your money deposited on the 1st or 3rd Wednesday of the month-I emailed and will be having them deposit money on both dates-the 3rd Wednesday in July and the 1st Wednesday in August-That way those late buyers will be covered. So I guess they worked with me on that-but I would've rather just preferred having the money deposited a day or two before the wedding, but oh well.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maui it is!

We booked a condo yesterday for Maui!

So I wanted to stay in the town of Lahaina-its the main town on Maui and where we'll be the most so the closer the better. Unfortunately, the rates were ridiculous compared to ten minutes north so we came to a compromise. We'll stay in Lahaina the first 5 nights-then we'll move up north and stay for 4 more nights, this allows us to do a 9 night vaca instead of just 7.

The condo we booked now is about 4 miles north of Lahaina but takes about 10-15 minutes to get there by car because theres only one, one lane road going there. ha The condo is called 'Honeymooners Dream' and its at the Kuleana. Its pretty nice, not as nice as we could've got but def. way cheaper then anything else I looked at thats groundfloor. Its only $165 per night!

Although its groundfllor, theres no beach directly in front, just ocean, but we can always drive to one. Plus there will be a beach in Lahaina so we'll have one the first 5 nights right outside our door.

This is how a honeymoon should be..hell yeah Hawaii!

Now I just have to find a condo in Lahaina I like!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hotel Rooms=BLOCKED

I started calling around last week to get rates on hotel rooms in the area. They are much more expensive then I thought they would be-They're not really expensive in general-but more than I'd thought they'd be for the area. Anyways, I got a call from one of the hotels asking if I'd decided, or course I hadn't, but I said yes anyways and decided to end up going with them. I then proceeded to call one more place and just book it. My guests will now have to choices to stay for our wedding at discounted rates.

Choice 1-Best Western

$100/night-originally $125/night
I was able to reserve 15 rooms-Half Queen and Half King and 1 Jacuzzi suite for us wif we decide to stay here.
My guests will get a $25 discount if they want to stay here! yay :)

I swore Best Westerns were only like $60 and a little crappy-but this one looks pretty nice inside and a little more expensive so hopefully it'll be nicer then some I've seen!

Choice 2-Hampton Inn

$125 for 2 Q beds or $145 for 1 K bed
I was only able to reserve 3 Queen rooms though-thats all they had left so there will be 13 King rooms-I was kind of bummed out about this because I know some of my guests have children-but oh well, I guess they can go to Best Western if they want 2 Queen beds!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Maui Revealed

This is what I went to Barnes and Noble for today.

Yep I'm pretty sure we're going to Maui. After lots of thinking and discussing we've decided this was the best idea. We know this is a once in a lifetime vacation-Its our honeymoon. Since its so expensive we'll never be able to afford it if we don't do it now. Currently we only have 1 credit card bill (besides the necessary bills like water and electric ha) and once we have kids in a couple of years it won't even be an option. Nows the time, hopefully we'll be booked by the end of October :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Athenaeum Hotel-New Venue?

A possible venue change may be in the near future. When Jerry and I went home last Christmas we saw this hotel right on the water, at the time we didn't know what it was called. Today I learned it was called Athenaeum Hotel.

When we first saw it we were both like DAMNNN it looked really nice and had a HUGE lawn out front so you could rent a tent and have both the ceremony and reception outside, it was perfect. Since we didn't know the name for it-and since it is in the Chataqua Institution which is like a gated community thats only open half a year-it was closed, we couldn't ask anyone about it. I wanted a venue bad so I brushed it off making up excuses why I didn't want to have it there-and continued to book the next best place.

Well today I saw it again-I think its fate. I called the number and left a message, hopefully someone calls me back tomorrow. I have to find out if its still available and their prices. Part of me wants it to be booked so I can just stick with the place we have-because I know if this place is reasonable and available-its mine. mwa ha ha :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Not Impressed

So the toasting flutes and cake serving set I ordered came in. I'm sending both of them back. The flutes look exactly like the candle holder we already bought which is exactly what I wanted, but they looked cheap. It looked like you could just chip the silver paint right off, it was weird. The cake serving set was actually really pretty but not what I was looking for. After looking at the other two choices I liked I'm not sure if I'm going to like them anymore so I need to start looking around for different ones. This sucks, I wanted to get something done.

School started two weeks ago. I actually declared my major, Computer Science, and my minor, Business. That was some very exciting business-I can actually picture my career now! Besides school I've been working and having to cart Jerry's butt around since he can't drive now. We're selling our house so we can get one closer to CSU so he can bike ride :) That means I wont have to get up at 6:30am anymore to take him to work and stuff!

Tonight I'm going out with one of my bridesmaids, Emily. This is the first time we're hanging out since last semester so I'm very excited! I hope everyone else has a good night too!