Thursday, March 19, 2009

Striptease and Shredding

So today I explored the excercise videos that are available on my cables on demand section. I did two of the Carmen Electras Striptease's and then Jillian Michaels The Shred.

LOVED the striptease, they actually got me sweating (although I did the one twice). They were also fun and I feel like I've learned moves I could even use in the club. ha The Shred was also okay. I had high expectations though because all the girls on the knot said it kicked their ass but I just felt like it was a normal workout. I'm not saying it was easy, but normal. I'll probably continue to do both on top of my normal three days a week weightlifting and eliptical routine.

Since I never updated from my last post, I might as well now. I'm down to 133! Can you believe that?! 133! I was almost at 155 when I first weighed myself back in May! I know thats almost a year away but I've come along way! I'm at my ideal weight now, I'm just trying to tone everything, expecially those abs and inner thighs. I have one of those pooches right below my belly button and I want it gone before my Hawaii trip.


*Michelle said...

Congrats chickadee!!
I work out on the Shred too. I did level 1 for a few days until it didn't make me sore anymore. And then I bumped it up to level 2. oof. I felt like it was more of a challenge and two or three days a week i do level 1 and level 2 together.

Maggie said...

Congratulations! 22 pounds is amazing!

ameriasian said...

You must tell us your secrets! Good job on the weight loss!