Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goodbye, Hello

At the beginning of the month Jerry and I packed up our house and moved to an apartment, hence my absence lately. We got an offer early February, after six months of waiting. It was good news because it meant we're going to save tons of money, rent is half the cost, but sort of sad becuase we redid the whole thing so it was exactly how we wanted and now we're gone. We just put the hardwood floors in last March so we only got to enjoy it for one year.

I really didn't want to sell, but I knew we had to. We're much closer to school now, so close we can ride our bikes which saves tons on gas. Also, with three bedrooms, two living rooms and two baths it was definately too big for us, it was just nice that it was all set up. In a couple of years when we start a family I think I'll regret selling it, but oh well its done with now. We found a new apartment at the end of the month so on March 1st we moved on out. We're in our new place now and its alright, much smaller though-I didn't realize how much stuff we had!

We're adjusting though, everythings finally put away so we can relax. I can also get back to wedding planning now too!

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